Their stories will bring you to tears…


20140213_105359 Angie and John

Desperate times, desperate people! I was sitting at Starbucks in Imperial Beach, when a lady came over and asked me if  I could help her with some cash. She was homeless and had a dog with her and some belongings. I asked her to sit down with me and I heard her story. She spoke from her heart and was troubled. The more I heard her tell me of her troubles, the more I felt for her.  It was heartbreaking. She was helpless and had a bad childhood. She was raped a month ago and suffered with mental illness with no help from her family. She needed food and only the warm weather made it possible to stay in San Diego and sleep on the streets. I prayed with her that God will heal her and for a miracle to be delivered from alcohol. Soon after her friend John showed up. He starting crying when I asked him if he would like a personal relationship with Jesus. He agreed.  I prayed for John for salvation and that Jesus would set him free from mental illness as well. I gave Angie some money to help her and encouraged both of them to seek Jesus each day in prayer. Please pray for Angie and John!


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