Tony stirs up his gift of tongues

I was at the Ocean Beach wall with Gary. I was able to stir up the gift of tongues as outlined in the book of Acts. His name was Tony and Gary had been witnessing to him at the wall for the past 2 years. When he first met Gary, Tony told him he thought he was crazy handing out bibles, and how Gary always seemed happy with a smile on his face. Gary continued to encourage him and today he came by telling us how great God was. He shared how he was able to pray for other people and it was clear he was on fire for Jesus. How he prayed for a gay couple, one who had cancer. Tony prayed for him and he got healed several weeks later after receiving a doctor’s report! I asked him if he knew about the baptism of the Holy Spirit and tongues. He said years ago he had received the spirit and had prayed in tongues and never used it since. I was able to pray with him to stir up the gift and to encourage to pray in the spirit each day so God can continue to speak to him and guide him each day. He was excited and he wanted to receive everything The Lord had for him.

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