Adventure Camping

While looking for a place to stay, I came across a farmer’s field that led to the shores of the the St. Lawrence River.


It was beautiful, remote and I had to hike down a hill with all my stuff to get to it!


I set up camp here and used all the dried up driftwood to make a fire to keep warm. I set up my tarps and slept under the stars. It was awesome!



The sound of the rushing waves lulled me to sleep…


Every few hours I got up and put more wood on the fire. It was a chilly night!


It began to drizzle in the early morning so I grabbed my air mattress and took shelter under the tarp!


The early morning was serene and peaceful…


I got up and had breakfast. Then I did some exploring…







I left around noon time reluctant to leave… I made my way to Cobourg.



4 thoughts on “Adventure Camping

  1. Hi Tina: Thanks for the up-dates on your travels.

    How sad is it that those who claim to belong to God use Him for their own ends!! Indeed Jesus must weep for He gave s-o much for us!

    However, it is a wake-up call to those of us who want to really serve His Purposes to search our motives.

    In His goodness you were provided with a beautiful, restful place to stay overnight and enjoy His beauty; as your pictures show.
    Continue on in His Protection and Care – Psalm 121 v 7 says He will keep you from all evil!

    Talk soon. Barbara xxxx

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