Traveling the Cycloparc, Quebec

From Pembroke I crossed over the river to Quebec and took the Cycloparc.

“Between the Ottawa River and the hills of the Laurentian Shield, the Cycloparc PPJ offers a unique concept combining bike path and park on more than 90 kms in Pontiac, Quebec.”

The highlights of the trail included free camping at the rest areas, well groomed trails, beautiful scenery and stopping at the small towns along the way. “Along the PPJ 1 trail, you will find rest areas containing bike racks, portable toilets, picnic tables, benches, and trash cans. The rest area locations have been primarily selected for their scenic appeal and tranquility, and may include interpretation panels.”
My first night camping in the perfect rest area. Soft pine needle floor great for sleeping and lots of trees to put up a tarp canopy to protect my tent from the rain. It rained most of the evening.

Riding on the Cycloparc was a welcomed break from the busy highway although it took a little longer to reach my destinations.
I would highly recommend this trail to those traveling south from northern Ontario to Ottawa.







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