I don’t wanna miss Pembrooke!

After consulting a few people who knew the area, I was told to ride through Renfrew and bypass Pembrooke. “Do you need to go?” I was asked. No but I just feel led to do so! And so I am so glad I did… I met 3 very special people I would have not met had I not ventured forth…
The first person was Merv and son Denzil. Last night I was in Tim Hortons and it was getting ready to camp for the night in a spot in the park that I had found earlier. There was an elderly gentleman who sat not far from me that I had been chatting with here and there while I was doing my blogging for the day. Just as I was about to leave he asked me where I was going and about my trip. I told him and then told him I was going to camp in the park for the night. He kindly offered his backyard and then I could use his shower and facilities in the morning. Isn’t it like God to act right up to the last minute. I was delighted and accepted the invitation. Merv was 78 years old and a steel factory foreman for 28 years. He was a very kind and generous person and always eager to help out. He saw I was in need and came to the rescue! He even did my laundry and took me to breakfast the next morning. I shared with him about Jesus and that he loved him. And as I prayed with him for salvation and God’s plan for his life he got all choked up… I was so happy to have met him and encouraged him to seek God everyday in prayer and reading the bible.
Mervin took me out for breakfast the next morning.

I left Merv’s house and I was on my way to the library in town to plan my route south to Ottawa. And God came through again! As I rode up to the library there was a man sitting on the ledge of the stairs who watched me as I made my way to the front door. He asked me, “it must be tough to walk up the hill with your cleats on?” Yes, I replied, it sure is. As it turns out he was bicycle courier for 20 years and knew exactly the best route to take to Ottawa. Just take the bridge across to Quebec and take hwy 148 right to Ottawa. Not as much traffic and safer than hwy 117 on the Ontario side. I had heard this before from a few others and Billy telling me this was a conformation. As I was getting ready to go I went over to my bike to show him my route and give him my 4 spiritual laws tract. He noticed the tract right away and asked if I was passing them out as I go. Yes I said. Great he said. I asked him if he was a Christian and saved. He said yes! Wow! I was amazed. We chatted for quite awhile and then I find out he was at the Pentecostal church service at the top of the hill on Sunday and someone spoke out in tongues. He said the church felt a little uncomfortable with it and the pastor hadn’t clearly explained to the congregation about what was to happen… Left a uncomfortable feeling.
I was able to share with him that if tongues is used daily and in the church services, like the fellowship I belong to, that it will be a important part of worship. The uncomfortable feeling would go away. We need to hear from God each time we get together. I know that when i pray in tongues daily i get edified and Jesus speaks to me and encourages me or tells me something i need to know. Without this i would not have the closeness or personal relationship i so rely on.
I gave him the Gordon William’s monthly report that talks about why we need the Baptism of the Spirit with the evidence of tongues. it also highlighted the scriptures in the bible that support that. He was encouraged and said he would read it! After that we had a great time of fellowship and both agreed that our meeting was not by chance but ordained of God. We prayed together, then hugged and then I went on my way thanking Jesus for meeting Billy!




2 thoughts on “I don’t wanna miss Pembrooke!

  1. Hi Tina: Just catching up with your fabulous ministry trip and Praising God for His faithfulness in bringing those who need His guidance and also priovding you with directing and care.
    Wonderful to see how Art and Mary are progressing with their new home and their healthy life style.
    Look forward to hearing about Ottawa.
    Be safe in Jesus’ care and many Blessings. Love ya. Barbara xxxx

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