Getting Started…


One thing that I love about doing ministry the most is that I get ministered to just as much as others do! First day out was a tough one! Pulling a heavy load takes a little bit of getting used to. So wasn’t long till I was praying and asking Jesus to help me to get up all the hills and up Jane Street. Beautiful countryside and farm area. My first stop was a farm Marketplace. Picked up fresh fruit and shared about Jesus to tbe young fellow who was doing the cash. Left him a tract. Almost everyone seems to know something about church and about God but not too many have been told you can know him personally. I managed to get up to Queensville¬†before I called it an evening. I looked around for a place to stay for the night. Came across a used truck yard. I asked the man in charge if I could stay there for the evening at the back of property. At first he hesitated and then he agreed. Before long he said I could stay in one of the cabs in one of the big truck rigs! It was sweet! A really comfortable bunk and lots of storage space for my stuff. What an answer to prayer! I didn’t even have to pitch the tent! Jesus was really looking after me… I was so tired. That night I slept like a baby. I prayed and asked Jesus to give me favor with the gentleman so I could witness to him in the morning. Next morning he kindly offered me the house to wash up in. After I packed up and I went for coffee with him. I found out that he was there to watch the property. He didn’t own the property. He stayed in the house which was being renovated to rent. I got the impression he was very much alone and hadn’t a family. I told my testimony about how Jesus help me in the last couple years with all my struggles. Also I told him how Jesus loved him and it was my calling to tell people about him. He was a very quiet and kind man and I could see that he was very sensitive about some things that happened to him. When I prayed for grace during our breakfast I could see tears coming to his eyes because I had asked God to bless him for his kindness for giving me a place to stay. Then with his permission I prayed with him for salvation right there at the breakfast table. I left him a Bible and encouraged him to read it and seek God each day. I thanked Jesus and I went on my way towards Keswick.


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