Pike Lake Salvation



I was travelling through Pike Lake when I stopped at the General store for water. There were 2 ladies sitting at the picnic bench. They asked me were I was heading out. I told them about my travels and about my cycling ministry.

As I handed them the 4 spiritual laws booklet they told me about a lady who I should be talking to and not them… And low and behold there she came from the store and to sit down beside the other lady! Talk about timing! The other lady left.

I introduced myself to her and I found out she too was a believer, born again and baptized in the Holy Spirit. She attends the local Pentatacostal Country Church and owns a Bed & Breakfast and is a hair dresser in town. Sharon shared how she helped many people and travellers and told them about Jesus. Www.sharonsplace.ca

The other lady, Donna had just turned 80 years old and was a real mogel in the town. She had some aches and pains so I assured her that Jesus could heal her of this. I asked if she was willing to accept Jesus as her Lord and Saviour. She agreed and we prayed the sinner’s prayer together.

Sharon was so thrilled. Sometimes we so the seeds and others come along for the harvest. So we all work together in one accord to further the kingdom. Praise the Lord!

Another fella was in earshot range and I asked him if he wanted to pray with me for salvation as I knew he was listening to the entire conversation.  He said he thought there was enough religion going around in that town! I assurred him that none of any of the so called “religion” he heard could benefit him unless he invited Jesus into his heart personally.

I encouraged him to go home and read the 4 spiritual laws and say the prayer at the end. This would ensure him of salvation, eternal life and a start to a relationship with Jesus.


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