A Divine Appointment in Port Elgin


When in Port Elgin I stayed at McGregor Point Provincial Park. I arrived at my camp site which was quite a distance away from other sites. Verily remote I thought. That was good since I was planning on a good nights rest and early start. As I was setting up camp I noticed a person riding around on a bike and glancing over towards me. He rode by several times looking over but I didn’t make anything of it really. As I was getting ready for my supper I went to the road to the water spout to wash some dishes. The person rode up and introduced himself to me. He told me he saw me and my bike at the front office registering. He told me he was on his own for the evening and noticed I was too. At the back of my mind I remembered that it was my prayer for Jesus to bring people to me and that Jesus protects us when we do ministry. So I asked him to join me in hour at my site if he liked. He agreed and then departed.

He arrived and he spent the first hour telling me about his life, retirement and how he used to live in Brampton. Now he lives in Meaford. His wife is at home and didn’t want to go camping… he likes to meet new people and she doesn’t. He was looking for friendship. He told me he recently came across his small bible he got back when he was a boy.  He described it to me and how he got it as a member of the Good life boys in the ’60s. I told him that that maybe God was trying to get his attention! I told him there are no chance meetings with God and everything happens for a reason…

I shared about my cycling ministry and about Jesus and eternal life, relationship and how God has a plan for his life. We need to invite him into our lives so he can reveal it to us. I told him that Jesus can heal his relationship with his wife and brother.

He received salvation and the Baptism of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking tongues right there at the picnic table.  I shared with him about our house churches and the one closest in Owen Sound and how important it is that he come so he can grow in the Lord. Not like his minister friend who told him that he had a place reserved in heaven and he never ever spoke to him about it…used to go for coffees and fellowship but never shared the gospel with him… I told him if he was a real friend he would have prayed for him for salvation and eternal life too. Really that is what a real believer would do… It was getting late so he thanked me and departed. Later the Lord revealed to me that he had been running away from him. “Well done good and faithful servant”, he told me.


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