Would you stop for this Old Lady?

It was a hot afternoon around 4:30 pm and I just dropped off my nephew at work. I was driving home along a busy country road when I spotted an older lady standing at the end of her driveway waving at traffic as it went by. As I drove by I began to think maybe she was in trouble and I should go back and see if she is okay. So without hesitation I turned around and drove up on the other side of the road and yelled out to her, “Are you okay?” She of course, couldn’t hear me for the cars that went by. So I drove up into her driveway to talk to her. As I rolled down my window and got a closer look I saw she was wearing a light pink jacket with the hood over her head and white woolen gloves on her hands. I couldn’t believe my eyes! I glanced over at the car thermometer and it read 34 degrees celsius! How could she survive wearing that in this heat? This is no ordinary gal I thought; she was certainly unique. Sometimes Jesus puts all kinds of people into our path to see if we will remain faithful to him. (Matthew 25:31-46)

Nevertheless I was concerned about her safety and so I asked her for a second time, “Are you okay? I saw you waving and so I thought you might be in trouble.” Now I was looking directly at her and noticed her face was very old and wrinkled looking with deep creases. Her body was thin and frail looking but she had a rugged disposition. She smiled as she pleasantly replied, “Oh no!” she said, “I was just waving to the horses in the fields and to the cars that go by because they wave back!” “Oh!” I replied and chuckled, “I thought maybe you may be in trouble.” She assured me that she was perfectly fine and then went on like most elderly people do talking about anything and everything. She told me she lived alone since her husband passed away and that her son dropped by when she needed to go grocery shopping or go to the doctor’s.

I could have been talking to my own mother I thought. “How old are you?” I asked. She told me she was 82 years old. I was amazed that she was still living alone in her home which was in the middle of nowhere and far from immediate help. Finally I asked her if she knew about Jesus Christ. “Oh yes,” she said, “…I have a bible.” There was no doubt that she had some interest in Jesus but she never mentioned about knowing Jesus personally.

I told her about my mother who was also 82 years old and how I prayed with her daily to receive Jesus’s healing from aches and pains. Last year Mom fell a lot, and the last time she fell she broke her hip. After continuous prayer and the proper care she was up and about walking again. Praise the Lord! Being 82 years old most people never walk again after a serious injury like that. That year she was in the emergency almost every 4 to 6 weeks for anything from a anxiety attack to shortness of breath. But since I started praying with Mom daily it has not been a problem anymore. My Mom is a faithful Christian who loves Jesus and lives her life according to the New Testament. I told this lady that Jesus could be her friend who she could talk to when she felt lonely. Jesus would be there for her 24/7 and take care of her especially when her family wasn’t around. I asked her if I could pray with her so she could know Jesus personally and be able to have the promise of eternal life. She agreed then took off her one of her white mittens, grabbed my hand and squeezed tightly.

I was still sitting in my idling car with my window rolled down when I prayed for her. I led her through the sinner’s prayer and she repeated after me as I prayed for her to come to know Jesus personally. After the prayer her face lit up as she looked at me and smiled excitedly. I reminded her to talk to Jesus everyday and read her bible and that he will be her friend to talk to and go to when she needed him. She thanked me and I wished her well and I went on my way. I wrote down her address and thought I could stop by to see in a week or so and see how she was. I drove on my way thanking Jesus for using me to lead her into a relationship with him. When we open ourselves up for Ministry Jesus gives us all types of unique opportunities like this one to witness for him!


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